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@Agent Retirement program

As an @properties Agent, you can elect to have a percentage of each commission check automatically deducted and invested into a personal retirement account, professionally managed by @financial advisors. We can also customize a fully comprehensive retirement plan.

@agent tax

As an @properties Agent, you can elect to have a certain percentage deducted from each commission check and put into a personally held brokerage account so that you have funds saved when it’s time to pay for taxes.

group and individual disability

As an @properties Agent, you have access to both group and individual disability policies. Many of these options have been hand selected to offer the most flexibility and benefit for real estate professionals. @financial advisors can help you sort through all your available options. This is a complimentary service for all @properties Agents.

life insurance

Life insurance can be a valuable tool for self employed individuals. In addition to providing a death benefit to replace income or pay off debts, many policies can have living benefits that offer tax-efficient solutions for retirement income, long term care expenses or a flexible emergency fund, and in many instances can provide opportunities for additional tax savings. @financial advisors specialize in creative life insurance solutions and have access to virtually every carrier operating in the U.S. Whether you need an inexpensive term policy or a tailored insurance solution, @financial advisors can help you identify and obtain the best product and design for your unique situation. This is a complimentary service for all @properties Agents.

investment advisory services

Working with TD Ameritrade Institutional and Morningstar, @financial Investments offers @properties Agents access to a unique investment platform. This platform offers @properties Agents access to greater investment choices, professional management, proprietary analytics and has been specifically designed to offer some of the lowest fees available as compared to other brokerages such as Fidelity, Schwab, Morgan Stanley, etc. @financial Investment advisors follow a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) model and as fiduciaries, we always have our client’s best interests in mind and always act in our client’s best interest. Our advisors operate with transparency, provide unbiased advice and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

college planning and scholarship program

As an @properties Agent, you have access to @financial’s proprietary college planning and scholarship platform, The College Trust. This platform not only includes comprehensive college planning services, but can also help you navigate the financial aid process through the CSS profile (The College Board’s CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE) and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). In addition, you will also have access to the SAGE Scholars Tuition Reward Program, which provides guaranteed college scholarships to a network of over 300 private colleges and universities throughout the country. This is a complimentary service for all @properties Agents.

strategic debt

Working through a proprietary program, @financial offers a strategic debt reduction program, aimed at eliminating all debt including mortgages. Through implementing basic financial strategies which take into account interest rates, balances, payments and order of payments, this program can often reduce the time it takes to be completely debt-free and the amount of interest paid by 30 to 50%. This is a complimentary service for all @properties Agents.

health and dental insurance

As an @properties Agent, you have access to both group and individual health insurance coverage. @financial advisors can help you sort through all your available options and simplify this important process. @financial has partnered with Digital Benefit Advisors and Linden Group Health Services to create a seamless process to help save you time and money. This is a complimentary service for all @properties Agents.

personal and business financial planning

@financial advisors provide comprehensive, holistic financial planning for all stages of your career with @properties. We have the expertise and skill to seamlessly integrate every aspect of your financial life and organize it in a meaningful way. These planning services include, but are not limited to: business planning, managing your marketing expenses, retirement planning, college planning and debt reduction. This is a complimentary service for all @properties Agents.


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@financial is a full service financial services brokerage specializing in comprehensive, holistic financial planning, and offers a complete line of financial services and products for families and businesses – including retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, business planning, life insurance; annuities; health insurance; property and casualty insurance; long term care insurance; disability insurance; and investment advisory services.